Sat, November 21, 2020
Students who are selected in the Year 4 Instrumental Program for woodwind, brass or percussion are part of the largest Year 4 ensemble, known as the Year 4 Band. During a very disrupted 2020, our Sheldon College Year 4 Band Program has benefited from the great resilience and spirit of the Year 4 musicians, and this was evident recently when they performed as pre-show entertainment for a number of school assemblies.

The band directors Mrs Annie Larsen and Miss Emily Smith have been impressed by the perseverance of the young musicians, and the strong musical skill set they are developing. “The band is blending their sound really well. The sum is greater than its parts is applicable here: the band is becoming one new instrument and the students are playing as a team” said Mrs Larsen.

“The students love performing and were very happy to showcase their favourite songs on assembly” added Miss Smith. During lockdown the students had to transition to remote lessons and this allowed parents to also observe what happens in a music lesson, and to see first-hand the music pedagogy developed for beginner musicians.

The Year 4 Music Program is compulsory and has been for more than 20 years. Students receive a half hour lesson each week during school time from one of our music specialist teachers in the following instruments; violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium, tuba, percussion, guitar and piano. In addition, students receive both a choral and ensemble experience.

We are proud that Sheldon College is able to offer a full year of instruction to every student in Year 4. This program kick starts our young students into the Performance Music Program. We value the Arts at Sheldon College and believe that everyone should get the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.

This is an amazing, personally rewarding opportunity for our students, but it is also one that has required dedication, commitment and hard work, especially this year. It is exciting to see so many young musicians begin their artistic journey; well done Year 4 Band!