Research highlights that reducing and managing your stress levels, maintaining positive social interactions and asking for help when needed, are all important aspects of maintaining good wellbeing and mental health.

The College provides staff with a supportive culture to ask for, and receive help, through strong relationships and online wellbeing platforms. 

The Staff Wellbeing Hub provides staff with an online platform linked to external services to support the mental health and wellbeing of all staff across the College. The active staff Social Club exists to engage and connect new and beginning staff with the broader College community. In addition to this, the College supports larger events and initiatives such as R U OK Day, Harmony Week and World Teachers’ Day to acknowledge staff and continue to educate  the community on the importance of inclusion, wellbeing and a supportive culture. The College recognises that staff need to work together to create this environment whereby all members of the community are supported and have the opportunities to feel well and flourish.