"Empowering young people to reach their potential

is at the heart of what we do"

Ms Kate Mortimer - Principal

With more than 20 years’ experience in positions in both single sex and co-educational environments, spanning all age groups, Ms Mortimer is passionate about empowering academic leaders to develop strategic teaching and learning frameworks that foster continuous improvement and growth.

Throughout her time in the education sector, she has grown to become an advocate of academic rigour, assessment for learning, high-impact teaching strategies and structured data cycles, to ensure education is individualised and that every student finds success.

Ms Mortimer has extensive experience in the development of wellbeing programs within schools. She believes that it is vital our students are empowered to not only reach their academic potential, but are provided with the knowledge and skills to improve their social and emotional intelligence.

"For students to learn, there needs to be a strong relationship with staff, and a deep sense of community and culture."

Ms Kate Mortimer, Principal