"Fate is what happens to you.

Destiny is what you create."

Dr Lyn Bishop OAM, Founder and Principal/CEO

BAHons (Psych), MEdAdmin, MEdStud, MBA, PhD(QLD), CMgr FIML, MAPsS, FACEL, FAIM, JP(QUAL),AIM Professional Manager of the Year 1999, Queensland and Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2002 (Social, Community, Not-For-Profit Organisation)

Over the past 25 years, Dr Lyn Bishop has founded and led this independent, co-educational, non-denominational College, despite the significant odds she had to overcome in establishing an independent school. Her aim in setting up her own school was to leave a legacy for children in Redland City.

After thirty years with Education Queensland, in positions ranging from Principal to Deputy Executive Director of Metropolitan East Region and A/Director of Quality Assurance with Education Queensland, Lyn left the Department in 1996 to open her own school. Her decision to do so was inspired first and foremost by her love of children.

In 1997 she established Sheldon College, a school that caters for students from Preschool through to Year 12, based on a philosophy of Love, Laughter and Learning.

"I made a conscious decision to leave the bureaucracy and go back to what I believe I did best, and that was working with children."

Dr Lyn Bishop OAM, Founder and Principal/CEO

With an initial intake of one hundred and ten students, the College has now grown to more than one thousand four hundred and fifty students. This significant growth has been achieved despite the enormity of the initial financial, competitive and bureaucratic hurdles Lyn had to overcome, including "tedious" approval processes, opposition from other schools in the district, and federal appeals. Once she had won those initial battles, Lyn had to sell her vision of the new College to parents and teachers when it didn't yet exist in a physical form. Having overcome the initial challenges, and winning a federal appeal to give her approval to open the College, Lyn then faced delays in building approvals. Refusing to lose sight of her dream, Lyn opened the College at the neighbouring Pine Lodge Equestrian Centre.

Sheldon College is now acknowledged as one of the most outstanding private schools in the country. It is a leader in its field due to its entrepreneurial approach both as a business and as an educational institution. Sheldon College is a Company Limited by Guarantee. It is run by a Board of Directors. Sheldon College is a not-for-profit organisation, and as such, there is no profit sharing, no equity, nor any shareholder capacity. Sheldon College Ltd continues to show a profit every year, and has a cutting edge curriculum which brims with corporate alliances.

"What the homes are, the schools will be, and what the two are the future will be."

Lyn's entrepreneurial approach to education has seen her win the Australian Institute of Management's Professional Manager of the Year in 2000 and the Queensland and Australian Entrepreneur of the Year for a Social, Community and Not-for-Profit Organisation in 2002. Lyn possesses several degrees including Bachelors Degrees in Arts and Education, Masters Degrees in Educational Administration, Educational Studies, and Business Administration, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Education.

She is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management; a Fellow of the Australian College of Educational Leaders; a fully qualified Psychologist who is registered with the Queensland Psychologists' Board and the Australian Psychological Society; and a Justice of the Peace (Qualified).

Lyn believes that good schools are built around relationships. People are at the heart of the educational enterprise. The most critical relationship in any school is that between teacher and student, but we must also be aware that the home-school partnership is an essential one.

Principal's Message

Footprints on our Souls

Just being with children every day makes us all aware as teachers how fortunate we are to be called to this profession. 

Teaching is not a job; it is a vocation – a calling. Is there any more noble profession than teaching? In teaching we are in the memory making business. Teachers play such a critical role in the lives of children and that investment we make in our youth is repaid a thousand times over by the special footprints they leave on our souls.

Is it any wonder we wouldn’t swap our jobs for any other in the universe? Every day children teach us some very special lessons in life. But we also have a responsibility to prepare them for their future lives.

Together, the home and the school have such a short time to prepare each child for his or her life’s journey and to help shape the script they will carry through life. We prepare them for that journey by ensuring that we provide a good home, a quality education, good work habits, strong moral and ethical values and a respect and tolerance for their fellow man. How successful we are in that regard can only be measured decades after the school bell has ceased to ring.

In what other Profession?

  • Would you have delightful young children tell you every day, "Do you know that I love you?"
  • Would you tie so many hair ribbons and shoe laces daily and be repaid with a huge cuddle?
  • Could you wear the same uniform day after day and be told each time that you look pretty and smell nice?
  • Would you be offered a bite of a cup cake that already has the icing licked off it?
  • Could you continually be asked to look into so many mouths to examine loose or missing teeth?

Sometimes words are not enough to say thank you. The opportunities you have given to so many students are simply out of this world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have given to this school and the thousands of students you have touched over your journey.

Sheldon College Parent