Jack Kidd, Speech at 2020 Graduation Ceremony
In mid-2020, Jack Kidd (2008 Alumnus) sent a letter to Dr Bishop about his experiences since leaving Sheldon College.  Dr Bishop describes the letter as the most powerful, impactful and emotional letter she has ever received from a student in her career.  This video of Jack's speech at the 2020 Graduation Ceremony is 13 minutes long, but it is one of the most powerful and honest speeches you are ever likely to hear. He is one very special young man and we believe every graduating student in the country should hear his influential speech.


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Past Parents - Mr and Mrs Fernandes

Dear Lyn,

In a few days we will farewell our children as they take their first steps into a world waiting for them to explore.

With an exceptional tertiary education and personal development at Sheldon College, they are well primed to take on the challenges that await them with a high level of confidence that their pathways at Sheldon College will lead them to eminent levels of success both professionally and personally.

We have been a part of the Sheldon family for over 13 years all of which have been a life-changing experience. We have truly cherished every moment at Sheldon College, the Music, Sports, Arts and Academic events that characterise the very talents and skills our children have developed through the outstanding and dedicated Teaching and Administrative Staff.

Who can say that School is Boring? - - certainly not with the array of academic, sporting and cultural activities that Sheldon College has to offer.

We look back fondly with absolutely no regrets, but with wonderful memories (such as the picture attached) of what has been a delightful and incredible journey with Sheldon College.

We extend our best wishes to Sheldon College that the years ahead are filled with much Love, bounding Laughter and inspirational Learning!

Thank you & best wishes,


Keith & Michelle Fernandes

Bruce & Brett Fernandes        

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Education Account Manager – Michelle Jenkins

Good Evening Lyn, 

I wanted to take the time to email you to let you know how well mannered each and everyone of your students are.

Last week, I came to the school to meet with Andrew Daddow.  During my walk from reception to the IT Department, each and every one of your students stopped to greet me with “Good Afternoon”.

Given I work with a large number of schools in Brisbane, I can honestly say that I have never been greeted by so many young polite students.  This is a credit to you, your staff, the parents and the students.  It is the small things like this, that not only put a smile on my face, but also really stands out as a huge point of difference for a school that I can say is not done anywhere else.

As I live locally, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of your students who work at the local supermarket.  Embedding these small but meaningful values at school, you can see that students are carrying these values through to their life outside of school and into the wider community.

Well done Lyn.  I am most impressed.

Kind Regards,


Michelle Jenkins Education Account Manager 

Fuji Xerox Australia Pty. Limited

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Rural Aid Recipients - Mr and Mrs Allan

Hello Sheldon College,

Yesterday we received a Christmas card, through Rural Aid, from one of your students, Jacob in Year 7.

We are cattle farmers from Quorrobolong, Hunter Valley NSW. The past few years have been very tough, the card brightened our day. 

Can you please pass on our thanks to your students and let them know that the cards are appreciated and do make a huge difference.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas.

Once again thank you.


Brian and Fiona Allan

Read News Story: Students Pen Hundreds of Christmas Cards to Bring Joy to the Soldiers and the Farmers this Christmas

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Past and Current Parent – Mrs Aniko Major

Dear Dr Bishop,

Now that Bence has “left the building” wearing the Sheldon College uniform for the last time, I wish to thank you for the many aspects of your college I valued the most over the last 13 years.

Thank you for the amazing collage grounds that are always clean, orderly and exceptionally beautiful. Bence might have taken it for granted to grow up in such an environment, but I trust that he will appreciate it more and more out in the real world.

Thank you for having a vision and a philosophy of progressive thinking. We have seen the college grow in the most amazing way, from a humble cluster of buildings to a world class spread. The resources you provide are second to none and has surely helped Bence explore the many facets of life.

Thank you for the many compassionate and dedicated teachers Bence has had the privilege to learn from over the years. A special thanks to Mrs Gravlev for recognising Bence’s love of drama and for guiding him through the social maze; Mrs Wimhurst for building his confidence; Mr Trotter for nurturing him through humour; Miss Coss for teaching him with warmth and enthusiasm; Mrs Moore for mentoring him with so much love and understanding; Mr Bauer for recognising his love of music and providing the most accepting environment to play in; Mr Van der Merve for being the most outstanding maths teacher Bence was willing to labour an entire Summer for; Mr Tomkins for guiding him with humour and respect; and Mr Thomas and Mr Altschul for treating him as a friend.

Thank you for the most amazing music program Bence has been able to participate in and grow from over the years. All those bands he played trombone in have not only shaped his personality, but provided a safety net and a social testing ground as well. I hope his passion for music will lead him to places he could not have dreamt of without such opportunities. 

Thank you for the many magnificent events such as Night at the Movies, Arts Academy, Jazz Night, musicals, etc. Bence has had the honour to participate in. He absolutely loved those events and thrived in the lead up to them as much as on the nights themselves. He grew in confidence tremendously over the years, greatly due to these extra-curricular activities and the friends he made through them.

Thank you for supporting extracurricular activities such as Debating, Theatre Sports and Space Design, all providing stimulation and challenges for Bence in his Middle College and Senior years. A special thank you for going along to these events and encouraging, supporting and praising Bence when he deserved it. Your presence and belief in him must have propelled him to reach further and further heights.

Thank you for the many amazing school camps Bence had the pleasure to participate in. He learned to face his fears year after year, and always came home with pride and satisfaction for achieving goals he could not have achieved without the gentle encouragement and strong support of his teachers and peers.

Finally, thank you for noticing and recognising Bence’s efforts by honouring him with the title of Vice-Captain this year. I know he represented Sheldon College with much pride and responsibility and tried his very best.



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Clinical Psychologiost and Current Parent - Aaron Frost

Dear Lyn,

Im sure you already know this, but your team have so far pulled off an amazing accomplishment.

The infrastructure that was already in place, plus what I'm sure have been thousands of admin and tech hours doing the pivot to online learning really shows.

As you know we have a daughter in prep and in 7, and I have also been amazed at the quality of the audiovisual material produced at all levels, but also how quickly they are all learning and getting better at delivering material in this format.

There really are very few other organisations that I have any dealings with who have both the technical capacity, and the staff willing to change to pull off what your team has in the past fortnight.

Watching in awe ...

Kind regards, 



Musical patrons were enthralled and spoke of loving the intimate feel of our venue, the incredible costumes and the exceptionally talented performances of our students.  However, witnessing the growth, learning, resilience, utter joy and satisfaction experienced by our students and the pride and delight of their Parents, was by far the greatest achievement of the Musical 2020 season.


Years 9 and 11 Parent, Mrs Angelique McKillop speaks about her experience during the COVID-19 Home Learning period.