Building foundations today

for tomorrow's success

Our College Community at Sheldon College has the privilege of creating history daily and establishing the traditions that are Sheldon College and will become our College heritage in the future. 

The development of our College is based on collaborative partnerships with our College Community whereby Together Each Achieves More Success. Our College parents and the wider community are actively involved in planning the educational future of our students.


The Sheldon College Foundation was established to facilitate the development of alternative sources of funding; to assist in providing state-of-the-art educational facilities, and to enhance the College’s excellent academic programs and resources.

The Sheldon College Board, Academic Staff, Parents, and Friends understand the need for a greater reliance on private and corporate sources of funding, as traditional sources of Government funding cannot be relied upon in the future to meet the ever increasing demands of schools entering the new millennium.

The Foundation enables the College to continually develop the unique learning environment that currently exists and to fulfil the Vision and Mission of the College through the provision of capital funds for building programs, specific funding of new academic developments, and the generation of regular income from selected investments. All funds raised by the Foundation are directed towards the achievement of the College goals and objectives.