About Sheldon College

Committed to its philosophy of Love, Laughter and Learning, Sheldon College caters for children from 15 months of age through to Year 12. 

Our College campus is located on 56 acres in a semi-rural setting in Taylor Road, Sheldon. The College was established in 1997 and is committed to providing a quality education for all students in a safe, secure learning environment which is characterised by high standards for both staff and students in the areas of dress and appearance, behaviour and individual scholarship and work habits.

The Sheldon College philosophy and aims are aligned with The Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration which sets out a vision for a world-class education system that encourages and supports every student to be the very best they can be, no matter where they live or what kind of learning challenges they may face.



Sheldon College was founded and continues as a non-denominational College of education with a strong Christian ethos.

The College adopts a holistic approach in contributing to the moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of its students. Personal growth is encouraged in the context of involvement in the College community as well as the community at large.

The College has established itself at the forefront of education by engendering a tradition of quality education and academic excellence.

This Strategy Snapshot continues to reinforce this direction through our planned future actions.


Sheldon College is a learning community where every student can achieve and experience the ‘Extraordinary’; where aspiration and the traditional values of respect and service, combine with progressive thinking to define the way we work and the outcomes we achieve.


Our role is to provide a world-class educational experience in a safe and supportive environment which nurtures students’ resilience and a love for learning in readiness for an ever-changing world.


We aspire for each student to strive to reach their potential and to graduate ‘career and world ready’; confident in their ability to learn and keen to contribute.

Our students leave us with the academic achievements, social and emotional intelligence, values and resilience required to succeed in the fast- changing world they will inherit and shape. We focus on each child and the ‘whole child’.

We commit to the values of respect, endeavour, service and humanity.