An Interdisciplinary, project based and

research-driven teaching and learning environment

About the LINQ Precinct

Sheldon College’s philosophy on learning space design and technology integration is driven by the College’s Student Exit Outcomes. All College learning spaces provide our staff and students opportunities to enhance their future learning capabilities. Sheldon College’s LINQ Precinct, Learning and Innovation for a New Queensland, is where the journey begins.   

The LINQ Precinct is an interdisciplinary, project-based and research-driven teaching and learning environment that hosts three teaching and learning disciplines, Media (Film and Digital Media), Business and Technologies (Digital and Design). 

Sheldon College’s LINQ Precinct, a new realm of learning, brings together our physical and digital environments. The innovation in these spaces is not defined by the bricks and mortar but defined by the convergence of educators, industry, partnership, technological infrastructure and research. The foundations and framework underpinning the College’s LINQ Precinct were driven by the need to meet the demands and requirements of our rapidly changing society.

About the learning spaces:

About the learning spaces:

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Film, Television and Digital Media

The facility provides:
  • Onsite Post Production Small Business Unit
  • Foley / Voice Over / ADR / Small Recording Studio - for students to create their own sound effects, audio recordings and voice over work for a range of production contexts
  • HD-SDI Studio Space (Infinity White, Virtual Sets, Video and Photography Studio) with the ability to create virtual production sets, produce live to web podcasts, vodcasts and controlled physical set production work
  • Studio Control Room (Tricaster 860, Dedicated Lighting, Audio and Communications Control)
  • Client Entry / Genius Bar
  • Equipment Store / Central Patch Facility
  • Post Production Edit Suites (4K Capable)
  • Colour Correction / Grading Suite (4K Capable)
  • New Media Computer Labs to facilitate skills instruction and development
  • Integrated Audio / Visual patching to facility
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Business Enterprise Centre

The facility provides:
  • A dedicated student boardroom which hosts full web conferencing capabilities which will allow for mentors to remotely advise students on their projects and proposed business strategies, 
  • A breakout space for production brain storming / planning and presentation of productions to a small group, 
  • Writable wall spaces for ideating. The glass walls and doors in learning space 2, as well as the extensive whiteboard wall in learning space 1, 
  • A dedicated student copy centre that hosts the printing and photocopying services for the LINQ precinct. 
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Robotics and Rapid Prototyping Lab

The facility provides:
  • A dedicated Microsoft Surface Studio Lab with full AutoDesk, Adobe and Microsoft suite software,  
  • Production facilities with 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC router, a host of manual fabricating and finishing resources,  
  • robotics lab to facilitate mechatronics, electronics and competition robotics. 
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The facility provides:
  • Flexible and moveable furnishings to promote collaboration,  
  • Detachable boards for mobile brainstorming,  
  • Collaboration areas, break-out spaces, learning pods, 
  • Dedicated drone flight areas, electronics, wearable technology workstations and robotic equipment.  
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Lecture Theatre

The facility provides:
  • Seating Capacity: 140  
  • 230 Inch Projector Screen  
  • Mobile Lectern / Presentation / Document Camera Station 
  • ViVi Wireless Projection System 
  • 7.1 Channel Surround Sound 
  • BRC Multi-Camera Video Switching 
  • Lecture Capture and Live Streaming 
  • Energy Efficient LED Lighting System (fully automated lighting control) 

"Our Multimedia facilities are specifically designed to support our students to become confident users of a range of ICT tools."

Mr Murray James, Director of ICT

What has been happening in the LINQ Precinct? 

Our responsibility as educators is to prepare the next generation of young people for their lives as adults in a world which is changing at an unprecedented rate. Sheldon College places a strong emphasis on students being exposed to authentic practices and skills that can later serve more complex and innovative endeavours. With the careful implementation of technologies, inconceivable learning is achieved across the College and in alignment with the College’s Student Exit Outcomes. 

Sheldon College's LINQ Precinct was featured on Channel 7’s Queensland News Bulletin. Sheldon College Staff and students provided an insight as to how the new facility will assist in developing the entrepreneurs and innovators of the future.