Annual School Performance Report

Effective school reporting provides parents, staff, students and the community with meaningful information about schools. 

All Queensland schools are required to publish a minimum set of information for parents and the community. The Annual Reporting Policy for all Queensland Schools will ensure that all schools report similar information that complies with Government requirements in a clear and comprehensive manner.

The School Annual Report is to be published by 30 June of each year. However, post-school destinations information for Year 12 graduates is to be included after release by 30 September of each year.

"Sheldon College is committed to empowering students to perform at their very best in their individual pathways. Through meaningful engagement with multiple data and feedback mechanisms, staff and students operate collaboratively as highly effective data-informed practitioners driving targeted improvement toward extraordinary success."

Ms Rella Taylor-Byrne - Director of Performance Analytics

Celebration of Excellence Report

The Annual Celebration of Excellence Report provides you with a composite picture of the outstanding achievements of our students throughout the school year in the academic, sporting and cultural arenas of Sheldon College life.