Thank you for considering

Sheldon College for your child

Listed below are our 2024 College fees for Preparatory through to Year 12, including multiple sibling discounts to assist families.  
Enrolment Application (Fees must be paid before commencement)
Enrolment Application Fee
Acceptance Fee
$600.00 (Non-Refundable)*
Term Fees (Includes Tuition Fees, Middle and Senior College Camps and Sundry Levies) (Paid on a per term basis)
Preparatory to Year 4
$3,214 per term ($12,856 per year)
Years 5 to 6
$3,644 per term ($14,576 per year)
Years 7 to 12
$4,232 per term ($16,928 per year)

"For further enquiries and for information on International fees please contact us on (07) 3206 5555."

Ms Kate Mortimer, Principal of Sheldon College

Fee Calculator

Calculate your school fees using the simple fee calculator below. You can also apply for an Edstart payment plan to spread your fees into weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

Account Details:

An invoice will be issued by the College approximately 2 to 3 weeks prior to the due dates for payment each term. Included in this invoice will be:

  • The Term Fee appropriate for each sub-College
  • The Resource Levies applicable for each year level
  • Music Tuition fees (including Piano) - $315 per term for group lessons, and $420 per term for individual lessons
  • Special charges and extra-curricular activities (where appropriate)

Additional Information:

All fees/levies are issued on a term basis and are due for payment in full on the following dates:

Term OneFriday 9 February 2024
Term Two Friday 19 April 2024
Term Three Friday 12 July 2024
Term Four Friday 4 October 2024

For families with two or more children enrolled at the College at any one time in Kindergarten to Year 12, the following discounts on Term Fees will apply: 

2nd student 10% on the eldest sibling
3rd student 20% on the eldest of the three, plus the above discount for 2nd student
4th or more students 30% on the oldest students (beyond the first three enrolled) plus above discounts for 2nd and 3rd students 

A discount of 3% is available for those families who wish to pay the Term Fees and Resource Levies for the entire year by the first term due date. This discount is available for full fee-paying families only and is not applicable for those families on a Scholarship or otherwise subsidised fees. For further information please contact the Finance Office. 

Fees/levies are to be paid in full by 4:00pm on the due date each term unless a prior Direct Debit agreement has been established. Accounts not received in full by 4:00pm on the due date will attract an administration charge equal to 3% of the outstanding balance. 

Payments may be made by Cash, Cheque, Parent Lounge, BPay, Visa, MasterCard, EFT and AMEX. When using Electronic Funds Transfer, including BPay, please ensure that funds are received into the College's account by the due date in order to avoid late payment charges. Delays by banking institutions or late delivery of mail from Australia Post will not be accepted as valid reasons for late payment. 

Sheldon College reserves the right to exclude students from participation in co-curricular activities, for which a fee is payable, for any period during which tuition fees or other charges remain outstanding. 

For further enquiries please contact Miss Hollie Reynolds, Enrolments Manager, on (07) 3206 5505.

*Refer to Conditions of Admission