Sheldon College promotes a strong sense of

Community Service across all students and staff

We believe that students benefit greatly by offering service to others, both locally and globally.

We have an annual charity schedule across the College whereby each Year Level chooses a charity to support for the year ahead. Students within their respective Year Levels find ways to raise funds and awareness for these charities and demonstrate their willingness to support others who are less fortunate or in need. Our students take great pride in contributing to the local and global community.

Senior College students are offered the opportunity to attend our biannual International Community Service Tours. These tours promote a hands-on international travel experience whereby students can complete a community service project that assists a local community by building or renovating buildings and infrastructure.

Students are able to make real-world decisions, take responsibility for their actions; whilst developing critical life skills. Students are guided by an expert support team, teachers and leaders, as they gain a true appreciation of their host country; learn to work together as a team; become ‘global citizens’; and experience an adventure of a life time.

Charity Support 

Students at Sheldon College have the opportunity to contribute to a range of local, national and international charities and contribute positively to the local and global communities within which they live. 

Examples of student charity support include: 

International Tours

International Community Service Tours
Students have the choice of participating in a 10 day Community Service Tour or a 21 day Expedition.

To date, Sheldon College students have raised funds and provided valuable contributions to communities throughout Borneo and Vietnam.

Sheldon College aligns with Antipodeans as our Tour Leaders and Adventure Guides as we promote the highest standards in student safety at all times.


“I really enjoyed the connections I got to make with the children in the village at the home stay. All of them were so amazing, smart and GRATEFUL. They taught me to have more appreciation and fun in life, because not everyone has it as lucky as us. I loved playing with them and watching their faces light up whenever they saw us. I also really enjoyed the Halong Bay cruise with the beautiful views, tea in the ocean and fun activities we did there.” 

Summer Lees – Year 10


“The whole experience gave me a new perspective. These people who had so little in Borneo were so happy, so content with who they were. It was truly inspirational” 

Bec Chalk – Year 11

Year 12 Ski Trip
Students in Year 12 enjoy an annual ski trip to New Zealand to participate in a range of adventure and skiing related activities.


Europe Literature Tour
Senior College students are able to attend a Europe Literature Tour to explore famous sights and visit world renowned places of cultural significance to their literature studies.