Positive Character

Positive Experience

The Sheldon College Chaplaincy Services provides educational and personal support for members of its community.  These services are managed by Mr Rick Samuels as part of the Community Engagement portfolio.
  • Preparing young people for real life
  • Helping them enjoy their current life experiences
  • Setting up patterns of behaviour for later life

Some of the wonderful experiences provided to Sheldon College children are partially funded by the State Government’s National School Chaplaincy Programme (NSCP). As part of that program we are obliged to explain how Values Lessons and Chaplaincy Services are implemented at the College as outlined in documentation below. We also need to advise you that although the Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment provides funds, the ideas contained in the downloadable documents and the values we seek to teach do not necessarily represent the views of that government department.

"We are a non-denominational College in the sense that our community is made up of families from a variety of religious denominations or from no specific denomination."

Mr Rick Samuels, Director of Community Engagement

To view information relating to this service, please download the information below.