Fri, March 19, 2021

A joy of our College being one that spans childhood from infancy to near adulthood is that our young students have an opportunity to engage day to day with our older students.

This Term, Sheldon College Prefects have happily spent many mornings before College and countless breaktimes engaging with their Preppie friends, building relationships and encouraging excitement amongst the Prep students about the annual Sheldon College Fairytale Ball!

Some of our Prefects have enjoyed the privilege of delighting their 5-year-old friends with their own cherished memories of attending the Fairytale Ball themselves as Preppies, dressed to the nines as princesses, dragons or knights!

How special for some of our youngest students to look upon their “grown-up friends” and see how far they can reach. Perhaps even more meaningful for our oldest students to reflect on how far they’ve come…