Mon, November 16, 2020

Year 12 student and soon-to-be graduate, Grace Newlands, was recently nominated for a Bond University Film & Television Award (BUFTA) for her experimental film ‘Refraction’.

Grace’s submission highlighted her outstanding filming and editing skills, whilst also providing a detailed expression of identity.

‘Refraction’ is an engaging piece that re-evaluates cinematic, technological and non-linear conventions to challenge audiences to explore the development and multiplicity of identity in social, cultural and physical landscapes.

“The aim is to drive audiences to embrace their individuality,” stated Grace.

“The human form is a blank canvas at birth, ready to be painted.”

“We as people are not only a reflection of our landscape, but a refraction. We are an array of colour formed through the different lenses of our lives,” she said when explaining the meaning behind her film.

A noticeable element present through the film, is a symbol of a rainbow. The incorporation of the rainbow is to act as a representation of diversity, acceptance, culmination and the complexity of identity.

Since starting her media studies at the College in Year 11, Grace has demonstrated an unwavering amount of commitment and talent to her video and photo productions. Her passion for capturing meaningfulness and depicting beauty are ever present in the work she does.

“Grace is a very dedicated film student and it shows in the quality of her work. This is extremely evident in the set up and execution of the shots in her experimental production ‘Refraction’,” stated Film and TV Teacher, Mr Steven Maxwell.

“I love the glittering face shot and the editing of colour and effects that brings the idea of transitions to life”, he added.

Grace’s dedication for all things Media was recently highlighted when she was named Sheldon College’s Director of the Year at this year’s Arts Academy Awards, and Technical Producer of the Year at the College’s 15th annual Arts Academy Awards evening last year.

Congratulations, Grace on this wonderful achievement. We wish you every success when the winners are announced on Saturday 28 November. You are a very deserving nominee.


An experimental film by Year 12 student, Grace Newlands.