Thu, October 29, 2020

Year 12 student, Trent Neilson, is a wonderful example of a student committed to hard work and taking advantage of the many opportunities provided by Sheldon College.

During his time at Sheldon College, Trent has performed remarkably well in all of his academic pursuits - recently receiving the Subject Excellence Award for Year 12 Biology, in addition to a Gold Academic Award at the Senior College Celebration of Excellence Ceremony. Trent is committed to his goal of studying medicine upon graduating from the College.

In addition to his outstanding academic achievements, Trent is a talented stage lighting designer and operator. He recently was responsible for the lighting design and production for the College’s productions of ‘Wicked’ the Musical and for the recent Arts Academy Awards Evening in addition to the other events run by the College. All lighting and associated atmospheric effects that audience members witnessed were designed and delivered by Trent.  Audience members could have been forgiven for assuming that a seasoned professional had done the lighting design and was operating the lighting console.

Trent’s passion for lighting developed through his drama studies in Year 9 when he had the opportunity to try it out for the first time. Instantly he enjoyed the creativity that it allowed him to display and his passion has continued to evolve ever since.

Because of Trent’s outstanding talent, the school has been able to purchase high quality equipment that normally requires an external operator.

“Sheldon College has provided me with an array of opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have had,” stated Trent.

“One of the highlights of my time here was being able to visit NASA in Year 9 after our team won the Space Design competition, but even being able to look after lighting as I have done would be rare at almost any other school,” he added.

Sheldon College is committed to supporting all students regardless of their interests, along pathways they aspire to venture down.