Wed, March 31, 2021

Held in the Sheldon Event Centre Forecourt, the 300+ guests were treated to a beautiful sunset, as they revelled in the progression of talented Jazz performances that included Classic, Dixieland and Big Band Jazz.

Taking its name from the chord progressions responsible for the traditional "jazz" sound we all know, the evening also showcased the progression in Jazz competence from our youngest group, Jazz Band, through to the progressively older and more accomplished Stage Band, Jazz Project, Dixieland Band, Big Band and our first ever Alumni Big Band.  Suffice to say, “Progressions in Jazz” was a true celebration of the Sheldon Music Program, past, present and future. 

A definite highlight of the evening, the Alumni Big Band brought the entertainment to a close with their extremely polished, entrancing and professional one hour performance, including stand out solos by Shelley Bishop, Ben Young, Josh Sinclair, Matthew Copley, Shane Calderbank, William Bye and the Michael Bublé-like vocals of Mitchell Bourke, to name but a few. 

Proof positive of the relationship between music training and academic success, it was inspiring for students and parents to hear what members of this talented alumni group have gone on to study and achieve post Sheldon College.  It was also heartening to hear how many of them are still performing, well after graduating from the College, working as professional musicians alongside their everyday careers. 

Clearly, the progression of time does not blunt the joy to be found in performing good music with like-minded musicians.  In the words of Shane CalderbankGraduate of 2004, “It was great to reconnect with old friends and teachers, but most importantly, to come together with some of Sheldon's strongest musicians over the years to make amazing music.  It was a most enjoyable evening." 

Our thanks and congratulations to Head of Instrumental Music, Mr David Adelt, and all the staff, students and alumni who made this event such a success.  We loved it and can’t wait for next year!