Tue, March 23, 2021

Year 12 Students recently hosted Sheldon College’s inaugural lunchtime Senior Chess Competition.

The hotly contested match hosted by Year 12 Students Mert Manli, Joshua Newsome and Nicholas Fisher attracted over 150 students and staff to the Senior Courtyard to watch this exciting battle of wits. 

Mert, who adjudicated the match, introduced the players to the eager crowd before settling them to begin the battle. Strategy is everything in the opening phase of the game and Nicholas began strongly, initially obliterating many of Josh’s chess pieces. However, Josh having an eye on his long-term goals for the game, maintained a delicate balance, successfully holding off his opponent for quite some time Eventually however, end game arrived with Nicholas solidifying his advantage and claiming the win! 

This was a wonderful initiative by our Senior students.  Thank you Mert, Joshua and Nicholas!