Fri, February 5, 2021

Despite the extraordinary circumstances that 2020 presented, Sheldon College students had a remarkable year.

It is with great pride, that we as a College, share our 2020 graduates’ outstanding ATAR results. It is without a doubt that our recent cohort has maintained the College’s long-standing tradition of achieving academic excellence.

2020 College Dux, Harry Towner, successfully earned himself a top ATAR score of 99.60. This placed Harry as one of Queensland’s elite scholars.

An additional 5% of students achieved a score of 98.85+ which is equivalent to an OP 1 in the old ranking system.

30% achieved scores higher than 90, equivalent to an OP 1-5.

In addition to these remarkable results, 99% of students who applied to QTAC were accepted into University. This statistic included 71% of students receiving early offers in 2020 and 76% of students receiving their first preference offer.

“All staff, parents and community members of Sheldon College are extremely proud of all that our students have achieved academically this year,” stated Founder and Principal/CEO, Dr Lyn Bishop OAM.

“I would also like to thank the College’s staff most sincerely for the outstanding work done in preparing our students for such success.”

The introduction of the new QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education) System this year allowed students to be provided with an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) rather than an OP (Overall Position), which enabled Queensland to be aligned with the rest of Australia.

This new QCE System when compared with the ‘OP System’, brought major change with it, that being the replacement of the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test with individual subject-based external examinations. In most instances, these external examinations accounted for 25% of the final subject result, whereas within Maths and Science subjects, these accounted for 50%. Another large benefit of the new system has been the reduction of overall assessment items per subject for students.

“At Sheldon College, we will continue to deliver a senior curriculum that will see our students poised for success, not only in the QCE System but more importantly to ensure our students have the necessary capabilities to thrive beyond the gates of Sheldon College.” 

Mr Brenton Campbell - Acting Director of Academics Secondary

Some additional notes of success:

-       100% of Year 12 students were QCE eligible and ATAR eligible

-       The median ATAR was 84.35

-       12% of students achieved 100% in Internal Assessments; 27% achieved 95% and above; Average cohort performance was 72%

-       9% of students achieved 100% in External Assessments; 24% achieved 95% and above; Average cohort performance was 71%

-       100% of students are engaged in successful pathways