The College is proud of its efforts to continue providing

quality International learning opportunities

Travel restrictions and delays in the issuing of Student Visas has meant that for many international students around the world, their schooling has come to a grinding halt.

Not at Sheldon College. With access to state-of-the-art digital technology and highly competent teaching staff, we are able to offer current and potential students remote learning from anywhere in the world.

We trialled it this term with two students in China. One, a long-term Sheldon College student and the other a new student who was meant to commence studies in July on campus. These two students are taught by classroom teachers using a combination of Swivl and Zoom to enable them to actively participate in their timetabled lessons. 

The College is proud of its efforts to continue providing quality learning opportunities for these two students despite the circumstances.

Our well-established internal learning management system, iLINQ ensures that the students are able to remain up-to-date with what is happening around the College, as well as gaining access to classroom specific resources and submitting assessment items. 

Everyone remains hopeful that normalcy will soon resume and that these two students will soon be able to join their peers in the classroom. Until then, we know they are safe and they are continuing to receive a first-class education despite the many miles that separate us.