Mon, June 22, 2020

On Wednesday 17 June, in celebration of the wonderful commitment that each of the teachers displayed during what has been an interesting Term, the Middle College Leaders showed their appreciation by way of gifts after already having sent out individualised thank you notes throughout the Term. 

All the College’s academic staff were gifted with a plant that they could watch grow in the same way that the children they teach are forever growing and learning as a result of the knowledge that they pass on to their students. In addition to the lovely plants, each of the College’s staff rooms received a delicious box of chocolates to be shared. 

The Year 8 Head of Year, Miss Lauren Cossettini, was delighted to be able to help her students show their gratitude for all the extra effort and hours that the teachers had to put in during the unexpected home learning phase. 

“I was inspired by the passion displayed by our young leaders and their strong desire to show their appreciation towards the teachers of the College,” said Miss Cossettini. 

“Their drive to ensure all of the teachers felt valued and appreciated after such a disrupted and unusual Term was heart-warming. I feel very lucky to work alongside such passionate young leaders - the future looks very bright.” 

After working hard with the rest of their Year level to raise the funds needed to purchase the gifts, the Year 8 Middle College leaders were delighted to see their once small idea, come to fruition. 

Year 8 student and Middle College Leader, Talei Godbold, was proud of what she and her peers were able to achieve, stating that “It was inspiring to work together as a cohort to create something that enables others to experience the feeling of joy.” 

Sheldon College is incredibly lucky to have staff who are incredibly committed to their students, and students who are so thankful for the staff with whom they get to work alongside every day.