Fri, October 16, 2020

Today, in celebration of the academic achievements of many of the Middle College students, the College hosted its annual Middle College Celebration of Excellence Ceremony, albeit without parents physically present due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In addition to congratulating the many Gold, Silver and Bronze Award recipients, the pinnacle moment of the ceremony, was the announcement of Year 8 student, Arya Iyer, as the Middle College DUX and Citizenship Award recipient.

Additionally, Arya was awarded Subject Excellence for her high performance in Mathematics, English, Science and Technologies.

As part of the morning ceremony, soon-to-be Year 4 graduates were able to walk across the bridge, thus symbolising the student's progression from Junior College into Middle College. These students also received their special Middle College uniform pin along with their certificates.

To ensure that the College maintained the safety of all staff and students in attendance, the event was live streamed for families in order to keep visitors on campus to a minimum.

Sheldon College would like to congratulate Arya and each of the students who have worked hard throughout the year, thus building the steppingstones for their future pathways.