Mon, March 22, 2021

Fairytales were brought to life by Preparatory students in the Sheldon Event Centre on Saturday.

Uniforms were abandoned for dazzling and imaginative outfits at the annual Fairytale Ball. Costumes ran the gamut from Tinker Bell to the Big Bad Wolf, with the fun not being limited to students, as parents, teachers and College Prefects all dressed up to celebrate the magical event.

The Fairytale Ball was the culmination of many weeks of preparation by the children, which included a magical journey into the world of fairytales, dramatic role play experiences with the Butterfly King and the creation of colourful art displays.

A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, musical performances and a puppet show presented by David Hamilton entertained those in attendance. Families went home thrilled by the magic of such a special day. 

Unquestionably, the Preparatory Fairytale Ball will be remembered for years to come as a standout experience for our Preppie students and their families.