Wed, June 2, 2021
There is a Chinese Proverb that states "Teachers open the doors, but you must enter by yourself.”  Young Year 3 student, Mackenzie Allen, seems to have done this instinctively in her few short years at Sheldon College.  

Where an Arts opportunity has presented, Mackenzie has stepped up and grabbed it with both hands, and none more so than the invitation she received earlier this year to audition for a junior lead role in the 2021 Senior College Musical, Les Misérables. 

Auditioning alongside 19 other students, all of whom were older than her, Mackenzie showed almost no sign of nerves and was able to deliver an exceptional audition, all wrapped up in a bucket load of cuteness-factor.  According to  Musical Director, Mr Darren Harvey, Mackenzie is a perfect example of the confidence of youth, fearing nothing and prepared to take enormous risk to present the best version of herself on stage. 

“We are just thrilled with the wonderful little performer she is becoming.  Moreover I am thrilled with the kind and confident little girl she is developing into”, he said. 

Mackenzie has been involved in the Australian School of the Arts’ co-curricular Dance and Drama Academy programs since Year 1, and has been a member of the choir since Year 2.  According to her Musical Theatre Fundamentals Teacher, Mr Alastair Tomkins, "Mackenzie is a delight to have in my Drama class”.  One of his teaching highlight moments came when they had been working on the concept of the “the Actor’s Toolkit” (a set of skills and techniques that actors use on stage).  According to Mr Tomkins, “Mackenzie arrived at class one day, holding her hand out in front of her. When I asked what she was doing, Mackenzie told me she had brought her Actor’s Toolkit to class. We all had a big laugh.  It was a moment of great comic timing from this talented Year 3 student.” 

Mackenzie, we have been so impressed with how you have made the most of every opportunity in your Arts journey so far, and can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for you.