Mon, May 10, 2021

At Sheldon College we believe that a pedagogy based on discovery and inquiry is paramount in forming innovation and inspiring creativity in the classroom. This philosophy could be seen in action across the Primary years last Term.

After reading the novel ‘The Lorax’ by Dr Suess, the Lorax visited the Year 2 classrooms, imploring students to work collaboratively to build a sustainable town. Applying their knowledge of the Earth’s resources, the features of communities and people’s connection to places, students worked together to design and construct their own towns. Students then used the Foldify app to digitally design buildings and town features.

In a global world, where would you prefer to live and why? Students in Year 5 have investigated, described and evaluated the human and environmental characteristics of different places around the world to answer this driving question. They shared their opinions and informed others about their learning by creating augmented reality experiences using CoSpaces and Merge Cubes.

Our Year 6 students have explored innovative ways to generate energy by researching, designing and producing a solar-powered car using recycled materials. After prototyping and testing their cars, students participated in the ‘Sheldon Solar Supercar Challenge’ to discover which cars travelled the fastest and farthest. Students also created multi-modal advertisements to persuade readers to buy a solar-powered product.

In creating innovative, open, safe places for students to grow, take risks, and feel comfortable in their own patterns of learning, we open the door to student led inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.