Tue, May 28, 2019

The Australian School of the Arts (ASTA) 2019 production of the Broadway Musical “Hairspray, the Musical” was the College’s 20th annual Senior College Musical. The performance was a testament to the quality of home-grown Sheldon College performers. Celebrated, not only by a series of outstanding shows, but also by the inclusion of over 130 students making up the Cast, Band, Backstage Crew and Technical Crew, all contributing their own area of expertise to help make this the outstanding success that it was.  

With over 3000 Redlands residents attending the viewings of the vibrant show, the two-week season, beginning on May 3 and closing on May 11, was a sell-out success, inviting many positive comments from those within the community.

“This was my first time seeing an ASTA performance and I was truly blown away. Congratulations to all involved for putting together such a high-quality performance.” A comment made by local resident, Robyn Guillesser.

“So professional you wouldn’t know they were College students!” was another by Lisa Johnston.

These comments are testament to the number of standing ovations that were received by the performers throughout many of the shows.

Mr Darren Harvey, Executive Producer/Director of “Hairspray the Broadway Musical”, was thrilled with the outcome of the show and the level of talent depicted by all of the students involved.

“The edge that we have is that no one here allows fear to get in the way,” stated Mr Harvey.

“What you see is the Broadway production, including having the band execute the complete Broadway score. It is phenomenal knowing that our students are able to perform to this professional standard. This helps empower them with the belief that there is no limit to what they are able to achieve, and this is something that we pride ourselves on being able to support at Sheldon College.” 

Congratulations to all of the staff and students involved with the show. It was an outstanding spectacle that captivated many in attendance.

The Australian School of the Arts look forward to announcing the 2020 College Musical at the Arts Academy Awards evening, to be held on 21 September this year.