Wed, January 29, 2020

We had a very exciting first day back on Campus with

Channel 9’s Today Show LIVE broadcasting from Sheldon College

Former National Memory Champion, Russell Bauer explained how Sheldon College has broken new ground in Australian teaching practices by creating a "Head of Memory and Cognition" position, to ensure that both staff and students (from Prep through to Year 12) are taught key memorisation techniques.

From Ancient memory techniques such as turning numbers into words, simple word association and linking, fun and enjoyable board games and thinking games, Sheldon College is focused on improving and exercising memory through creative and innovative practices.

Mr.Bauer’s techniques enable students to memorise very impressive statistics with relative ease as demonstrated by some of our extraordinary students during the Today Show segment. Sheldon College will collect data for the next two years to analyse exam result improvements and in order to enhance the College’s transformational Memory and Cognition teaching practices.