Thu, October 8, 2020

Yesterday, students from Wonderland’s Daisy Allsorts class participated in an engaging Incursion in the Learning Galaxy within the ArtScapes Precinct.

The purpose of this fun-filled experience was to provide an exciting introduction into the upcoming space unit for the students. Additionally, due to the world class technological equipment available within the ArtScapes Precinct, this incursion followed on from the students’ varied technological explorations earlier in the year.

Throughout the morning’s activities, students were provided with countless opportunities to learn. They participated in activities such as flying their space craft’s using the Prendi Wall, looking at Earth from a Spaceship using Augmented Reality, building spaceships and colouring.

The ArtScapes Space Exploration Incursion proved to be a wonderfully successful and enjoyable incursion for our little Daisy Allsorts.