Tue, December 1, 2020

Spanning over Friday 13 November and Saturday 14 November, the Australian School of the Arts hosted their annual Arts Festival.

The disruptions to the normal school year caused from the Coronavirus pandemic necessitated a slightly different format for this year’s event compared with previous Arts Festivals. Regardless of these changes, all spectators were amazed at the calibre of performances from the Middle and Junior College Dance and Drama students.

This year’s Arts Festival was made up of two events – the Year 7 & 8 Musical, Disney Worlds Collide and the ASTA Dance Academy Junior Showcase, The Journey Jive.

In essence, the Disney Worlds Collide musical was a Disney mashup that highlighted and celebrated the many Disney Characters and their much-loved musical moments. It also featured the untold story of the highly lovable character Genie, from Aladdin, before he found himself trapped in the golden lamp.

Performances were presented by the ASTA Dance Academy Violet, Indigo, Green, Pop, Yellow, Orange, Lock and Red groups – all performing their own unique interpretations of the amazing world in which we are fortunate to live.

Additionally, the College’s Year 11 Dance students took the audience on a journey around the world to Paris, Austria, Egypt, Africa, America and Spain, by inter-weaving their dance between, and sometimes within the other dance performances.

Faculty of the Arts teacher, Miss Lauren Cossettini, was thrilled with the performances and how the event ran.

“It was fantastic to be able to invite parents and friends along to enjoy a live performance from some of our younger artists,” she said.

“The Year 7 and 8 Musical Theatre students were able to present their devised Musical which, along with their teachers, they have worked hard to produce."

“During all of this, I was really proud of the persistence and trust shown by the students, staff and their families.  Being able to bring all of this to life was a huge effort from all involved and I am incredibly grateful for everyone’s efforts,” Miss Cossettini concluded.

Both the musical item and dance performances proved to be an incredible success with many cheers and much jubilation shared by the spectators.

Congratulations to all the student participants. Your hard work and talent radiated throughout your performances and we encourage you to continue to aim high and follow your passions.

In addition, we would also like to thank our amazing community of helpers (staff, students, parents, alumni and friends) for your assistance with staging, costumes, makeup and props. Without your assistance, events such as this would not be possible.