• To feel safe at all times in the College environment,
  • To learn unimpeded by the actions of others,
  • To express themselves in a way that shows respect for others,
  • To know their belongings are safe,
  • To work and play in a pleasant learning environment.

Sheldon College welcomes any student who subscribes to the philosophy, ethos and Code of Conduct of the College.

"Sheldon College students must adhere to the high standards this College sets in dress and appearance, conduct and individual scholarship and work habits."

Dr Lyn Bishop, Founder and Principal/CEO


  • To attend school regularly, on time, ready to learn and take part in College activities,
  • To aim at the highest personal standards in all aspects of College life,
  • To co-operate with the staff and accept the authority and rules of conduct of the College,
  • To consider and respect the feelings and property of other people both in the College and in the wider community,
  • To care for the grounds, buildings, furniture, equipment and resources provided by the College.

Sheldon College's Code of Conduct is built around the 4 C's: Courtesy, Consideration, Co-Operation and Common Sense.