After years of investing in 21st century teaching and learning and the effective use of digital pedagogy tools, Sheldon College students and their teachers were well placed to ensure the continued delivery of first-rate learning for our students in a time of crisis and unprecedented change.
"I am so grateful to all staff at Sheldon for the amount of work, effort and commitment that must have gone on behind the scenes in order to get term 2 up and running. Thank you. I also appreciate that there seems to be consideration to balance between academics and social emotional coping."  Parent - Susie D.

The Home Learning Landscape

Right from the outset on day one of Term 2, Sheldon College was well prepared for the home learning mode of delivery. The College’s Learning Management System (LMS) enabled staff to be up and running with a comprehensive home learning mode of delivery that included live virtual classes with the students' regular teachers, complemented by other forms of remote learning. This was only possible due to the investment that has been made over many years in 21st century teaching and learning, enhanced by digital pedagogy tools deployed by the College

"I also wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart how you and the College have handled this crisis to date. As a Mum, I have never doubted that my children would be catered fully by the College schooling from home and I can clearly see how amazing they are doing today with their multiple live video classes so far today!  The communication you have provided is whole-heartedly appreciated and makes me so proud (as always) to be part of the Sheldon family."  Parent - Lisa N.

21st Century Teaching and Learning

Sheldon College continues to invest in infrastructure and digital pedagogy tools that are best suited to advanced pedagogies and support 21st century learning. Even with this investment, we believe that 21st century teaching and learning is not just about technology, but how it can be used to complement and enhance the world class academic programs on offer at the College.  The College’s use of technology will always be to enhance those wonderful, inspiring, committed, dedicated teachers who daily embrace the philosophy of Love, Laughter and Learning.

The below photos were taken prior to social distancing requirements.

"Well done Sheldon College! What you have managed to do to support students and parents in a very short period of time has been outstanding.... thank you."  Parent - Katrina S.
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