Thu, November 29, 2018

Congratulations to five of Sheldon College’s Chinese Language students on their stellar achievements in the University of Queensland’s 2018 Chinese Writing Competition.

The competition was open to all Queensland schools who teach Chinese language. 

Many outstanding results were achieved by Sheldon College students, with Isabella Kenny from Year 6 proudly winning 1st Prize in the Non-Native Speaker Year 5 and 6 category.

This incredible result highlights Isabella’s diligence and hard work on her Chinese Language studies, demonstrated by her ability to achieve such an excellent result despite her non-native speaking background.

In the Native Speaker category, three students; Zijian Gong from Year 10, Siying Zhou from Year 8 and Yangyang Cao (not pictured above) from Year 7 achieved great results, receiving a 2nd place, 3rd place and merit.

The College also congratulates Ashlee Burrowes for her excellent efforts in the Writing Competition. These results are testament to the dedication that each of these students commit to their studies, along with that of the support of their Chinese Mandarian Teacher Miss Clara Liu (Liu lao shi).

Zuò dé hǎo translates to great work