Tue, November 20, 2018

Sheldon College students speak up about the need for a more sustainable world in light of National Recycling Week (November 12th - November 16th).

Sheldon College Directors gathered for a special sustainability pitch on Wednesday last week to follow on from National Recycling Week, where passionate Year 4 students presented their findings while advocating the need for immediate change.

The waste reduction seminar was a culmination of a six-week sustainability study whereby students not only learnt about the environmental impact of waste, but also about how to write persuasive and engaging pitches to affect change in an audience.

These short, but educational speeches highlighted the students’ devotion to re-shaping the College’s environmental footprint.

Ms Rachelle Connor, Head of Curriculum - Primary and Lead Educator of the unit, congratulated the children on their commitment to the project.

“The impact on the children has been enormous and far greater than anticipated,” she said.

“Their passion to make a difference in our community and therefore the world is to be commended.

“These Year 4 students certainly persuaded our guests to not only review current procedures that we have in place here at Sheldon but to also take on board their suggestions and act accordingly.”

The impact of these presentations has resulted in many members of the College Community taking immediate action to help make Sheldon College even more sustainable.

“Waste is an ever-growing problem in our world and I think it is wonderful that the next generation is willing to speak out and drive change,” stated Fabian Iseli, Sheldon College’s Executive Head Chef.

“I will continually endeavour to ensure Sheldon College’s cafeteria (Café 97) and Sheldon Event Centre kitchen is as environmentally friendly as possible and we have recently introduced reusable coffee cups and are now looking to introduce paper straws.

Director or College Operations, John Lord informed the students at the pitch that he is now investigating the possibility of adding new solar panels to the College.

These forward-thinking Year 4 students are budding environmentalists with great potential to change the world.