Mon, May 25, 2020

To welcome the remaining students back to the campus after a lengthy break, the teachers decided to do things a little differently. 

They have all worked together during their final remote learning days to piece together a recreation of the widely recognised theme song “Welcome Back”, from the 1975 hit comedy TV show Welcome Back, Kotter. 

The parody features more than 80 of the College’s staff from a variety of departments, all miming along to the updated COVID-19 relevant lyrics.

The famous semi-chorus line “Yeah we tease him a lot 'cause we got him on the spot” has since been altered to “Here’s your classroom there’s no need to do Zoom”. 

Throughout the video, teachers can be seen using their many acting skills to act out lines of the song and to also express their excitement regarding the return of their beloved students. 

All the footage was filmed by the College’s Arts Department and pieced together by the very clever Year 12 Media students. 

The plan is to release the video to all the returning students first thing Monday morning. It will be playing on various screens across the campus, in the students’ home rooms and on the home page of the College’s Learning Management System. 

As a College it was wonderful to see so many staff give up their time to get involved in a project designed purely to make the students smile.