Fri, May 29, 2020

Today, all students under the age of 8 had a wonderful time celebrating their youth in the College’s Under 8’s Day activities. 

Face painting, robotics, obstacle courses, flight stations, flower shops and reading circles were some of the many activities on offer with the support of the College’s Junior and Middle College Leaders. 

“This is actually the best day of my life,” was an uplifting remark shared by Year 1 student, Jiaxi Li to his teachers. 

(Year 1 student, Jiaxi Li)

Considering all that has happened in recent months, Sheldon College is incredibly happy that this celebration was still able to go ahead. Allowing these younger students to be around their friends again, using their imagination and making many happy childhood memories that they can cherish for years to come, was certainly a feature of the day. 

Held annually across the country, Under 8’s week is a celebration of the little people in our lives. It is designed to provide students with all sorts of exciting play and learning opportunities, thus helping to keep younger students active and engaged.