Mon, June 4, 2018
Inspirational teachers from Sheldon College have been named as two of The Educator’s Rising Stars for 2018. 

Mrs Vanessa Noonan and Mr Chris Niven are leaders in their educational fields and are very deserving recipients of the award. The Educator’s Rising Stars 2018 Awards are a national recognition of young educators and leaders who consistently innovate through teaching across their schools and demonstrate their skills, knowledge and passion for education.

“Sheldon College offers the highest quality teaching and learning by a group of professionals who are dedicated and committed to our young people.  Congratulations to our teachers who have been named as Rising Stars by the Educator Magazine.” Dr Lyn Bishop Founder and Principal/CEO of Sheldon College

Sheldon College has more than one-hundred highly skilled teaching staff, whose main focus is the safety, well-being and development of their students.  Many of the College staff are long serving members who have helped create a leading, learning community and have dedicated five, ten, fifteen or more years to the young people of Sheldon College.  

On receiving the award, Mrs Noonan said, “It is an honour to be recognised as a “Rising Star” of Australian education by The Educator Magazine. Leading the development and implementation of innovative digital pedagogy programs at Sheldon College is not an unaccompanied initiative.  It takes a team of dedicated and passionate staff and students to create a truly unique learning environment.” 

Mr Niven said, “It is fantastic to be recognised but obviously this is not why I do it. All our staff do it to challenge and impact student learning and I wouldn’t be at this point without some incredible colleagues past and present who have helped me and supported my ideas along the way. In addition to this,  Sheldon College has given me many opportunities and provides an optimal education environment for students. There’s a real buzz about Mathematics now and hopefully it’s just the beginning.”