Mon, November 1, 2021
At Friday’s Senior Leader Induction Ceremony, we celebrated a changing of the guard amongst our students as a new cohort stepped up to lead the College in 2022. 

College Captains, Vice Captains, Prefects and House Leaders were inducted in a moving ceremony which perennially proves a highlight in the College calendar.

As the Year 12 Head of Year for 2022, Mr Matthew Gammie had the privilege of introducing the newly appointed College Senior Leaders. Of the capacity of these students to rise to the challenge of leadership, Mr Gammie said “I believe that you will be the ideal role models and serve as custodians of the culture that this school holds dear.”

We have every confidence that these capable students are equipped with the essential skills to enable them to ably lead their peers through 2022.

The Senior Leaders for 2022 are as follows:


Olivia Van Gool

Cooper Jones

Vice Captains

Isabelle Treasure

Brooke Dunford


Charlotte Chamberlain 

Daniela Costa Teixeira 

Phoebe Hall 

Grace Hamilton 

Jasper Hamilton 

Brandon Keel 

Sarah Lergessner 

Clare Monk 

Thomas Neale 

Hayden Rayner 

Jasdeep Renny 

Taylor Sankey 

Sophie Smith 

Maia Steele-Alston 

Joshua Thompson

House Leaders


Chanelle Rochester-Phillips

Sovannary Seremet

Jo Chang

Lucy Norman

Jacques Breet

Madison Witt


Jaden Lee

Grace Needham

Luke Wills

Arya Iyer

Jemma Thompson

Zoe Trott


William Logan

Sienna Coates

Chloe Michell

Isla McCreath

Zephyr Marlin

Tayla Zipp


Stephanie Jones

Anna Binder

Luke Strader

Sophie Thomsen

Amelia McDonald

Elise McKillop