Fri, June 14, 2019
We are proud of so many aspects of The Australian School of the Arts, just one of which is our Musical Theatre program, which has seen us stage our 20th annual Musical in 2019. 

Critical to this success, however, is our strong Instrumental Music program which enables us to put together a full Student Band each year, capable of playing the complete Broadway Musical score.  These students, who we very rarely see, are the unsung heroes of our annual Musical journey. They are the dedicated students who work tirelessly for months, on a show that they will never personally get to see.  To us, this is the perfect personification of our Arts Culture.

Every member of our Musical Band understands the importance of the role they play. They recognise that they are a crucial piece of a larger puzzle and work selflessly for the sake of the group.  They do not do it for the accolades or the acknowledgement, even though they are worthy of such things. They do it for one very simple reason, they love it!  

Here is Bence Major, our College Vice Captain, to tell you about the Musical experience, through his eyes.

Once again, the College’s 2019 production of Hairspray the Broadway Musical has further cemented the dominance of the yearly Musical journey as one of the highlights of the Performance Music calendar.

This year, the student musicians were greeted with a fresh face in the form of Ms Moore, assuming her first MD (Musical Director) role, and fresh new ideas of how to better incorporate the Band into the overall production. With rehearsals kicking into full swing over the summer holidays at Musical Camp, the excitement was already building amongst a band consisting predominantly of Year 12s, ably supported by Year 11s and a singular Year 9 and Year 10 student!

Throughout Term 1 the Band grew in both confidence and closeness, as together we struggled to find our own sound and to create meaning and emotion beyond the dots written on the page. Before we knew it, Easter Camp was upon us, and people were saying things like ‘show run in 2 weeks’. Through a whirlwind of rehearsals and the sheer fun of practising with the singers for the first time, we made it out of Easter Camp with a solid idea of what we wanted to achieve, along with a list of favourite songs.

While items such as “Nicest Kids in Town” and “I Know Where I’ve Been” were very high on the list, “The Madison” emerged as the band favourite and something of an orchestra theme-song. Its cheeky and fun-filled melodies encapsulate Hairspray the Musical perfectly, whilst also representing our mantra of the time perfectly; soft when needed, but loud and proud when appropriate. With Ms Moore’s encouragement, the woodwind and brass sections standing up to compete with each other as to who could play it the best stylistically, easily stands as one of our highlights along a journey filled with incredible and emotional moments.

Within a flash we were standing in a circle preparing to run through the pre-show Cast guard of honour on, for many of us, our last ever Opening Night. Regardless, we geared up to put on a show and strove to improve throughout the whole show run.  Speaking of running, I still maintain that nothing beats running through an 80-person strong guard of honour, surrounded and cheered on by friends and peers you have spent countless hours with, rehearsing, polishing and perfecting, before getting to watch those same people create absolute magic on stage, while the same magic rises out of the orchestra pit.

At the end of the day, we wouldn’t have had a hope without the never-ending support of the Production Team, especially Ms Moore, Mrs Blair and Mrs Collis, and for this we will be forever grateful. An immense thank you also to Mr Freeman and the sound-team at RPAC for letting us be heard!  As always, Mr Harvey never fails to acknowledge the Band and it means the world to us.  The culture which has again flowed through every second of this Musical journey is something truly special!