Thu, September 5, 2019

Sheldon College’s annual Spring Spectacular was held on Monday 2 September in the Sheldon Event Centre.

Organised by the Director of Community Engagement, Rick Samuels, and held each year for the Year 1 cohort, the Spring Spectacular provides a multilayered learning experience.  The event is designed to build on the excellent curriculum implemented by each of the Year 1 Teachers, focusing on pastoral care concepts and understanding the importance of the Arts.

This year’s theme was based on Star Wars, especially the wisdom of Yoda and how this applied to the experiences of the College’s Year 1 students. The event focused on five key concepts relevant to the age of the students. These included;

  • Judge us not by our size
  • Be mindful
  • Do not give in to your fears
  • Control your future
  • Find happiness through love

All of the parents in attendance were treated to a delicious morning tea and the opportunity to hear their children perform the songs that they have been learning in their singing classes. It was a wonderful experience for all with many positive remarks made by family members.

(Year 1 students perform a number of songs for their parents)

When reflecting on the educational takeaways from the morning Craig Wilson, Grandfather of Imogen Nichols, noted “The event featured what is a long-term planned approach to teaching young students how to confront their fears and possess the skills needed to move past them.”

“That was such a special morning and I loved every second of it. My heart is so hopeful for the future... these pastoral care principles are the true keys to success and happiness, and I am so glad that our children get to see that academics are just a piece of the puzzle. The singing, morning tea and special gifts were wonderful, and the learning underneath is priceless,” stated Michelle Thomson, parent of Eva Thomson.  

 The Spring Spectacular event was a wonderful success and parents and children alike enjoyed the opportunity to learn together.