Tue, October 31, 2017
Sheldon College students have embraced the innovative and cross disciplinary nature of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) programs and have shared their skills with teachers from across South East Queensland.

A group of Year 4 to Year 11 Sheldon College students led the way by providing guided, practical workshops for more than sixty educators from various educational sectors.  The workshops and round-table STEAM discussions were hosted in October at Sheldon College, in the Learning and Innovation for a New Queensland Precinct (LINQ Precinct) in collaboration with Datacom Education Solutions.

The workshops consisted of ‘students teaching the teachers’ with students sharing their skills in mixed reality, computational thinking and how emerging technologies such as 3D Printing and micro-computers can challenge real-world problems such as energy poverty. 

"Having our students lead these sessions and teaching the teachers was a strategic process that empowered students to not only exhibit their learning, but also have the confidence to problem solve alongside the teachers as they engaged in the practical components of the workshop." 

Mrs Vanessa Noonan, Head of Faculty – Technology

Workshop participants collaborated in round-table discussions and were guided through practical workshops to make informed decisions for Maker Spaces and STEAM initiatives in their Schools.  The educators left the workshop equipped with an array of skills and project-based ideas relevant to many curriculum areas.

In September 2017, Sheldon College was recognised as one of the nation’s most progressive and forward-thinking schools. Students at the College benefit from cutting-edge facilities including the LINQ Precinct for their day to day classes.