Mon, August 19, 2019

It has been such an exciting start to Term 3 for The Australian School of the Arts Percussion Program, with many students showcasing their talents at two major Eisteddfods and placing highly within their categories, including Percussion Ensemble 1 taking out the National Title for the second year running.

The first of these Eisteddfods was the Queensland Percussive Arts Eisteddfod, held on our own College campus on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 July. Our percussionists from Years 5 to 12 competed at this event, along with a number of students from other schools across the Brisbane region. Sheldon College performed exceptionally well during this event, obtaining the following results:

Group Results: 
Percussion Ensemble 1:    1st Place in A Grade
Percussion Ensemble II:    1st Place in B Grade
Percussion Ensemble III:   1st Place in C Grade
Percussion Ensemble IV:   3rd Place in Primary Ensemble
Chamber Ensemble:   2nd Place in Chamber Ensembles
Hannah James and Jenna Rainbird:  2nd Place in Duet/Trio

Solo Results:
Jenna Rainbird: 2nd in A Grade Timpani; 3rd in Open 4 Mallet Keyboard Solo
Hannah James: 3rd in A Grade Timpani; Highly Commended for Open 4 Mallet Keyboard Solo
Ella Rhodes:  Highly Commended for Open 4 Mallet Keyboard Solo
Nicholas Robinson:  Highly Commended for A Grade Timpani
Timothy Vernon:  2nd in B Grade Drumkit
Lehan Ling:  1st in B Grade Drum Kit; 2nd in A Grade Timpani; 2nd in A Grade 4 Mallets; Highly Commended for A Grade 2 Mallets
Nicholas Yang:  1st in A Grade 2 Mallet Keyboard; 3rd in A Grade 4 Mallet keyboard
Charlotte Chamberlain:   Highly Commended for B Grade Timpani, Highly Commended for B Grade 4 Mallet Keyboard.
Erik Moller:   2nd in C Grade Snare Drum; 3rd in C Grade Timpani
Gregory MacNair:  3rd in C Grade Drumkit Solo
David Chiu:   1st in A Grade 4 Mallet Keyboard; 1st  in A Grade Timpani; 2nd in A Grade Snare Drum; 2nd in A Grade Drumkit Solo;
Sophie Thomsen:   3rd in C Grade 2 Mallet Keyboard Solo
Faron Ho:  2nd in C Grade 2 Mallet Keyboard Solo; 3rd in C Grade Snare Drum Solo; Highly Commended for C Grade Drumkit Solo

This event provided a wonderful opportunity for all of the students involved to showcase their skills, share their love of music and performance, whilst also making new friends along the way.

In addition to the outstanding results obtained at the Queensland Eisteddfod, sixteen of the College’s more senior students went down to Sydney to compete in the Australian Percussion Eisteddfood, whereby they became National Champions once again.

Despite it being the event’s 20th year anniversary, meaning that the judging panel was comprised of internationally acclaimed judges, our students were still able to earn themselves some incredible results including:

Group Results:
Percussion Ensemble I:
1st Place, Senior High Percussion Ensemble Section … now National Champions two years in a row. (2015, 2018, 2019). 
1st Place, Drumming Ensemble Section

 Percussion Ensemble II:
2nd Place, Intermediate High Percussion Ensemble Section (3rd year in a row)

 Drumline I: 
2nd Place, Drumline Battles
3rd Place, Set Piece

Also Awarded Most Outstanding Bass Drum Section (Jenna Rainbird, Rachel Evans, Waldo Fourie, Charlotte Chamberlain and Nicholas Yang)

 Solo Results:
Jenna Rainbird: 1st Place in Senior High 4 Mallets Keyboard Solo
Nicholas Robinson: Highly Commended for Senior High 4 Mallets Keyboard Solo
Lehan Ling: 1st Place in Intermediate Drumkit Solo; Encouragement Award for Intermediate 4 Mallet Solo; Encouragement Award for Intermediate 2 Mallet Solo.
Nicholas Yang:  3rd Place in Intermediate High 2 Mallet Solo Keyboard Solo
David Chiu: 1st Place in Primary 4 Mallet Keyboard Solo; 3rd Place in Primary Drumkit; 3rd Place in Junior Snare Drum Solo; 3rd Place in Junior High 4 Mallet Solo

“This experience was a wonderful and memorable one for our students. They all conducted themselves very well over the weekend, providing a great representation of the Sheldon College etiquette,” stated Mr David Adelt, Head of Instrumental Music.

“The bond between each of the students was strengthened throughout this trip, and exceptional leadership was displayed by the Year 12 students.

“Whilst the students relished the opportunity to perform and showcase their skills, they also loved getting out and about to enjoy the sights of Sydney.”

The overall success of this trip was evident in the positive remarks made by the students.

“The 2019 percussion trip to Sydney was certainly one to remember. As a team we were able to grow closer and celebrate one another’s achievements, said Hannah James, Year 12 student.

“The drumline brought home some amazing achievements considering that we had one of the smallest drumlines in the competition, and Percussion Ensemble 1 still managed to take out the National Championship Title once again.

“These successes were a wonderful way for the Year 12 students to finish off their last ever Percussion Eisteddfod.”

 Sheldon College would like to congratulate each of the students who were involved in both these events. Your hard work, along with that of your teachers, hasn’t been unnoticed in your preparation for such events.

We are always on the lookout for new talent, so if you have any interest in joining our Percussion Program, please make contact with our Performance Music Reception Team:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 3206 5552