Mon, September 23, 2019

On the evening of Wednesday 11 September, Sheldon College hosted its annual STEAM Expo in the College’s state-of-the-art LINQ Precinct.   

This exhibition was designed to act as a celebration of the quality teaching and learning that takes place at the College.

Throughout the event students displayed a number of exhibits and interactive hands-on activities for other students and their families to engage with. Some of these included the use of Surface Studios, Virtual and Augmented Reality explorations, along with the programming of drones and robots.

The event proved to be an incredible success with the near 300 attendees enjoying the workshops and presentations on offer. As well as having the opportunity to meet with STEAM Professionals, engage with teachers and experience the true essence of the teaching and learning that takes place at Sheldon College. 

“Parents were in awe of the depth of learning, creative learning approaches, real-world contexts and skilled technological inclusions that were on display throughout the evening.” Stated Faculty of Technology Academic Staff Member, Mr Jade Frewin.

“All of which are accurate representations of what goes on in the classrooms at the College on a daily basis.” 

Some of the different projects and exhibitions that took place included:

STEAM Projects -

  • Managed & Constructed Environments - Playgrounds
  • Animal Features & Lifecycles – Hybrid Animals
  • Geographical Locations & Significant Places – Travel Expo
  • Building Virtual Models with Minecraft
  • Exploring Remote Locations - Mars
  • Designing for Natural Disasters & Alternative Energies

Technologies Curriculum - 

  • Year 1 OzoBots & Line Navigation
  • Year 2 Balloon-powered Vehicles
  • Year 3 Spheros & Engineering Bridges
  • Year 4 Sustainable Farming Practices
  • Year 5 Data Encryption & Codebreaking
  • Year 6 Scratch Coding & Interactive Controllers
  • Year 7 The Shining Light Project
  • Year 8 Creating Models to Mitigate Brain Injury
  • Year 9 IDEAS Pitches
  • Year 10 Aerodynamics & Wing Design
  • Year 11 Digital Solutions – Mobile App Development

LINQ Precinct Co-Curricular -

  • Robotics
  • UAV Challenge

External Workshops -

  • First on Mars
  • Street Science

 The Sheldon College STEAM Expo is hosted annually, to enable students across various year levels to showcase and access STEAM related initiatives.