Thu, February 13, 2020

To mark the beginning of the 2020 school year, during Week 2 Sheldon College students from Years 5 to 12 attended camp venues across South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. 

All the students were delighted to participate in an array of team building, challenging and interactive activities including abseiling, archery, bike riding, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, sailing, fishing, surfing, rock climbing, camping and snorkelling. 

Camp Week, held at the beginning of each year, provides students with countless opportunities to form positive relationships with one another, as well as with their teachers. This proves to be an especially wonderful experience for any new students and teachers starting the year at the College. The activities on offer at each of the camps also encourage students to step outside their comfort zones and to challenge themselves in ways that they may never have done before. 

Mrs Lisa Slender, Director of Student Services, highlighted the important role that camp plays in assisting children to apply new skills and strategies to real world experiences. “The College camping program allows our students to engage in a wide variety of outdoor and environmental educational activities which support their pastoral care development as happy, well balanced students who can deal with adversity and thrive in a complex and dynamic society.” 

“Our students love the opportunity to challenge themselves and take pride in their accomplishments whilst at camp,” stated Mrs Slender. 

The Sheldon students were all very excited to experience the camps and to tackle new challenges with the support of their peers and their teachers. Many life-long friendships formed will live on beyond the gates of the campgrounds.