Wed, March 28, 2018

In Term 1, Sheldon College Year 3 students worked on a cutting-edge project to create personalised displays for a Travel Expo held in the innovative LINQ Precinct at the College. The Expo was designed to entice people to visit their chosen destination and the audience had the pleasure of exploring the works of students. The project was more about the journey rather than the destination for students, as they developed their persuasive writing skills and combined their learning in History, Geography and Visual Arts to create their own display. The authentic purpose of this project ensured that the children were deeply engaged throughout the term and produced work of which they could be exceptionally proud.

The Year 3 Students also planned and created a movie to assist in persuading their audience, which utilised a range of technologies such as green screens, audio and video recording and editing software. Students were encouraged to individually navigate their way through the project, to make the necessary adjustments when mistakes occurred through the process. Students benefitted from the rich learning opportunities and developed essential skills such as self-reflection, resilience, collaboration and problem solving.

Year 3 Teacher, Mrs Singleton said, “Providing children with an authentic purpose for their learning throughout this unit led to the students being richly engaged and passionate about researching, writing, creating and sharing their work. Students were able to learn about new destinations while further developing important skills such as problem solving, independence and confidence.”

Students proudly and confidently shared their work and ideas with their eager audience of parents, grandparents and other family members, persuading them to visit their chosen travel destination. Student Molly O’Donovan, commented “We got to learn so much more about places in Queensland and I learnt a lot about how to persuade people. It was so much fun learning how to use new technology and I loved being able to use the green screen to travel somewhere else with just the click of my fingers! I also loved being able to show my family what goes on behind the scenes here at school.”