Thu, August 8, 2019

Sheldon College is renowned for its traditional values that are fostered across all areas of the College, even onto the sporting field.

This term in Junior TAS sports, students, along with Miss Krista Quirk, Acting Head of Primary Sport, came up with the ‘Player of the Week’ initiative. This initiative is designed to help students possess a high level of sportsmanship by as a team selecting and congratulating an opposition player for playing a great game.

The positive impact of these awards has been reinforced, with parents of the ‘Player of the Week’ recipients extending a hand of thanks to the College.

“We want the children at Sheldon College to really understand and embrace what sportsmanship is all about, and what better way to do this than by recognising the hardworking and fair players from each of our opposition teams,” stated Miss Krista Quirk.

“Sport is about much more than just playing the game, and it is those underlying messages that will have the biggest impact on assisting children in all other areas of their lives, not just on the sporting field.”

Possessing great sportsmanship is one of the most crucial aspects of any sporting game. It enables players to remain respectful of others, to play fairly and show fellowship. These are all skills that Sheldon College is incredibly proud of its athletes for possessing, and that set the students in good stead to be role models in society.