Sat, July 18, 2020
Held in Week One of Term 3, Spirit Week was recently created and organised by the Year 8 Student Leaders and College Prefects, as a way to reconnect with all year levels and to celebrate the exceptional bond that the Sheldon College community has.

 “Spirit Week was an idea born out of brainstorming by the students, as a way to reignite and celebrate our College Spirit of Love, Laughter and Learning by creating opportunities for the leaders to demonstrate their leadership capacity and to foster relationships between the sub-Colleges.” said Miss Lauren Cossettini, Head of Year 8.

And what a huge week it has been!

Spirits were high for daily fun filled activities, which were run in a caring and nurturing manner during morning tea and lunch time for Junior, Middle and Senior students. Activities included a Paper Plane Throwing Competition, Teddy Bears Picnic, Maths Competition, Talent Showcase, Chalk Drawings, Reading with the Leaders, Show and Tell and the creation of a Spirit Wall, which involved cutting out hand shapes and creating a memorable montage wall of all the things the students love, and are proud of, regarding the Sheldon Spirit.

Year 8 student Billy O’Donovan said “As a Middle College Leader it is really important to get to know the younger students and to be able to lead them in the right direction and create a welcoming environment for them.”

Spirit Week has increased student involvement and participation levels, promoted collaboration and team effort, encouraged each student’s full creative expression and embraced each student’s talents. Students connected in various engaging events and further developed a strong sense of belonging within the Sheldon College community.

Miss Cossettini enthusiastically encouraged the students throughout the week to partake in the festivities and she commented “I am incredibly proud of the students and their willingness to create a week that celebrates the heart of our school. Watching the students come together on this mini project has been really rewarding and a beautiful reminder of what I love about being a part of the Sheldon College community. Thank you to all students who have been showcasing the spirit of Sheldon at each of these events. Your love and kindness towards your peers and your laughter and celebrations have been wonderful!”

The celebrations this week have highlighted that the College has many students wishing to showcase their talents for their peers. Therefore, we will be holding some regular talent showcase lunchtimes from Week 3 for our Junior and Middle College students. 

“A wonderful display of Sheldon team Spirit has been demonstrated with great pride by students and staff across the campus this week. Inclusiveness and respect have been evidently demonstrated by our Student Leaders and the celebrations have generated an extremely positive start to the new term” said Dr Lyn Bishop OAM, Founder and Principal/CEO.