Fri, August 16, 2019

Two of Sheldon College’s innovative educators, Mr Chris Niven, Head of Faculty – Mathematics and Mr Jade Frewin, Academic Staff – Faculty of Technology, have been named, among 50 other educators from across Australia, in the Educator Magazine’s 2019 Educator Hot List.

Both Mr Frewin and Mr Niven have been recognised for championing the latest technological innovations to establish new standards of best practice in Australian Education.

Mr Frewin continues to lead STEAM Initiatives for students in Years 1 – 8, providing teacher professional development opportunities and adopting a team-teaching approach. As part of his role, Mr Frewin leads a variety of teacher professional development opportunities, giving the College’s teachers the confidence and capacity to independently and collaboratively design and implement STEAM education within the classroom.

In addition to the wonderful work portrayed by Mr Frewin, Mr Niven has recently created an online platform whereby students regularly complete interactive maths puzzles to encourage their curiosity and challenge their mathematical thinking. This platform also includes flipped video tutorials and resources that support the development of self-directed learners. Mr Niven also hosts weekly Maths challenges that broadcast live throughout full College assemblies. Additionally, he even continues to facilitate the development and implementation of teacher observation protocols and opportunities for the College’s teachers.

“Both Mr Frewin and Mr Niven are great assets to the Sheldon College community. They understand what it means to provide quality education to all students and they adequately reflect the hard work and dedication that we see in many of our educators,” stated Sheldon College Founder and Principal/COE, Dr Lyn Bishop OAM.

“Sheldon College offers the highest quality teaching and learning for its students. Congratulations to our teachers who have been named in the 2019 Educator Hot List.”