Thu, October 18, 2018

SMART Technologies has announced their educators for Australia’s SMART Educators, part of the SMART Exemplary School Program. Sheldon College has received the SMART Exemplary School Award and six teachers have achieved SMART Educator status. Four Australian educators have been certified as SMART Exemplary Educator SEE Status (Second Tier). Two of these are Sheldon College teachers, Meagan Parsons and Vanessa Tierney.  Another four teachers from the College received SMART Exemplary Educator SE Status (First Tier):  Tina Kelly, Julianne Herhold, Kate Todd and Anita Fitzpatrick.    

Head of Digital Pedagogy and Innovation at Sheldon College, Vanessa Noonan stated, “As a SMART Exemplary School, our Educators use SMART tools to differentiate the curriculum in real time in response to assessing students understanding through SMART response. SMART Learning Suite and Response allows us to gather data about student understanding of new concepts.”

The SMART Exemplary School Program identifies strong educators, leaders and technology coordinators focused on incorporating technology into the classroom to assist with Student-to-Student and Teacher-to-Student collaboration, and innovative learning solutions. 

The Program will provide exclusive opportunities for ongoing training in best practice, content creation development and collaboration with other SMART Exemplary Schools internationally.