Tue, July 9, 2019

From June 4 to June 11 this year, Education Perfect held the 2019 Language Championships. Over 219 schools across the nation participated in the competition, hoping to place highly within their state and country.

 With the ever-present hard work and determination of our students, Sheldon College was able to take out 1st place for Queensland, in addition to taking out 5th place nationally.

 During the seven-day competition, over 220,000 questions were answered by our students from Years 5 – 11. Together they spent a total of 495 hours answering these questions in order to secure the College’s leading position within the championships.

 Miss Clara Liu, Faculty of English and Languages – Chinese Teacher was thrilled with the success achieved by her language students.

“Sheldon College did a wonderful job in this competition. It was a great achievement by all and very promising to see so many students actively get involved in learning a second language and doing well with it. As one of the College’s Chinese Teachers I am certainly very proud,” said Miss Liu. 

A number of students successfully earned themselves an individual award during this competition. These students were;

  • Charlotte Boniface
  • Edward Boniface
  • Macklin Campbell
  • Shana Gao    
  • Stephanie Kenny      
  • Eva Lashand           
  • Harrison Lihan 
  • Holly Mainwaring
  • Meg Mather       
  • Amy Morante
  • Timothy Morante       
  • Gansan Mou 
  • Lara Neilson 
  • Angela Seager                    
  • Alexander Smith    
  • Bethany Smith
  • Maddison Sturgess     
  •  Chloe Turner               
  • Bryson Williams 
  • Delilah Williams    

An additional congratulations is also required to show Sheldon College’s appreciation to the remainder of the students who participated in the competition. As a College we are delighted to share in this success with all of the students who made this a reality.