Thu, October 31, 2019

Congratulations to Middle College Mathematics Head of Faculty, Mr Chris Niven for being awarded a Teacher Excellence Award at the ChooseMaths Awards Ceremony held on Friday 18 October at the Leonda By The Yarra Event Centre in Melbourne.

The ChooseMaths educator awards are designed to recognise Australia's most engaging and innovative Maths teachers whose influence and impact has inspired the next generation of mathematical leaders through creative practice and mentorship.

Mr Niven possesses an evident love for everything Mathematics and is a true master of his craft. Over the course of this year, Mr Niven has set up a number of after-hours Maths classes. Some of these classes were designed with the intent of allowing eager students to extend on their current learning, and others were developed to assist those students who may not be so confident with their Mathematics studies.

“It has been incredible being recognised, and quite humbling knowing that I have had an impact on people,” stated Mr Niven.

“Teaching at Sheldon College has supported me in being able to push the boundaries and really engage students in their Maths, regardless of whether they are working things out in workbooks, on mini whiteboards or through the use of Augmented Reality.”

In addition to the time and effort that Chris devotes to his Maths students, he is equally as committed to the continued development of his colleagues.  Nearly all of Mr Niven’s classes are recorded for the purpose of being viewed by other teachers as a form of professional development.

Principal and Founder, Dr Lyn Bishop OAM said that “Chris epitomises everything our profession stands for.”

“He embodies the finest principles of quality teaching – the qualities of commitment, humaneness, enthusiasm, a fundamental love of children and excellent craftsmanship.

“Chris is able to motivate and inspire children and have students love his subject with a passion. He never settles for the mediocrity median.”

Congratulations, Chris, on this wonderful achievement. The College is honoured to have such a dedicated and innovative staff member amidst their Maths Department.