Mon, March 5, 2018

Induction of 2018 Senior Leaders

The Induction of the Sheldon College 2018 Senior Leaders was held in the Sheldon Event Centre on campus on Friday 23 February. An annual highlight in the College calendar, this year’s ceremony was a very special event for the hundreds of students, families and staff in attendance on the day.

The College community warmly welcomed the 2018 Senior Leaders to their new Captain, Prefect and House Leader positions. The Senior Leader announcements were met with much jubilation from the audience. Principal and CEO, Dr Lyn Bishop, in congratulating the students reminded them that leadership is first and foremost about influence and inspiration, and that both these come from the person, not the position. Dr Bishop further reminded them that true leaders don’t need a title, nor do they need to wear a badge to lead. The whole purpose of leadership is to serve, and that true leadership isn’t about what you achieve, but what you give.

Director of Senior Schooling Mrs Vandermeer said she was “Delighted that graduate and Alumni Chairman Matthew Hogg could attend the Induction of Senior Leaders and that his speech on life after graduation was very inspiring for Sheldon College students.” Mrs Vandermeer said that “The 2018 Senior Leaders are extremely worthy leaders and she looks forward to seeing them embrace their new leadership roles over the course of the year.”

The Senior Leaders for 2018 are as follows:

Tara Finnegan and Will Morris

Ellie Lawson and Logan Redstall

Rowan Bowyer, Connor Bradfield, Cathal Brennan, Sophie Clucas, Harry Colgan, Thomas D'Arcy, Jake Davies, Tara Finnegan, Katelin Gale, Jamie Hiscock, Shaun Howse, Mitchell Jenkinson, Ellie Lawson, Kelly Leek, Tayla MacNair, Lucy Martin, Will Morris, Sarah Nichols, Logan Redstall, Jasmine Renny, Jackson Scullion, Bailey Smith, Brooke Szych, Gabriela van Wyk.

House Leaders:
Integra: Brett Fernandes and Zoe Morgan
Qualitas: Rachel Evans and Callum Jones
Spiro: Rachel Howse and Cody Sharpe
Valeo: Benjamin Chuc and Ellen Warner

The newly appointed Captains delivered emotional and impassioned speeches to the gathered assembly. College Captain, Tara Finnegan said, “In 2018, I wish to help lead Sheldon College through victory and defeat, through both the good and bad times. I want to proactively increase opportunities for my fellow peers and the College. As we step into the shoes of the 2017 Seniors, I want us to remember that leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others.”

College Captain Will Morris said in his prefect speech, “I have come to realise the impact that we as individuals and as a collective can have on those around us at school. I believe that each and every person in our grade can contribute to leading this school. I aim to continue to be a role model, an approachable person, and most importantly the voice of you.” 

L-R Vice-Captain Logan Redstall, Captain Will Morris, Principal and CEO, Dr Lyn Bishop, Captain Tara Finnegan and Vice-Captain Ellie Lawson.
Back: Sarah Nichols, Rowan Bowyer, Cathal Brennan, Shaun Howse, Will Morris, Jackson Scullion, Jake Davies, Bailey Smith, Connor Bradfield. Middle: Mr Matthiew Hogg, Thomas D’Arcy, Lucy Martin, Harry Colgan, Mitchell Jenkinson, Ellie Lawson, Gabriela van Wyk, Tara Finnegan, Miss Lauren Cossettini, Mrs Diane Vandermeer. Front: Principal and CEO, Dr Lyn Bishop, Tayla MacNair, Jamie Hiscock, Logan Redstall, Jasmine Renny, Katelin Gale, Brooke Szych, Sophie Clucas, Kelly Leek.
House Leaders: Back: Mr Matthiew Hogg, Zoe Moran, Benjamin Chuc, Callum Jones, Cody Sharpe, Mr Scott Jacka. Front: Principal and CEO, Dr Lyn Bishop, Brett Fernandes, Ellen Warner, Rachel Evans, Rachel Howse, Mrs Diane Vandermeer.

Induction of 2018 Middle College Leaders

At the assembly held in the Sheldon Event Centre on Friday 2 March, the College Community welcomed seventeen outstanding students to the coveted 2018 Middle College Leadership roles.  These young leaders will play a significant role within the College and in the wider community.  

Year 8 Year Level Co-ordinator Mr Neil Sewell, announced the 2018 Middle College Leaders and said that, “The standard of applicants this year has been extremely high which is a wonderful reflection on the whole Year 8 cohort. It is a group full of exceptional young people and as a result we inducted a record number of leaders today.”

The selection process was exhaustive as each student completed both a written application and delivered a speech to their peers, followed by students voting for their preferred leaders.  

Newly elected Middle College Leader Clare Monk said, “This has been a dream come true since I was in Junior College and as a leader I would like to help our cohort become confident and comfortable in all aspects of College life.”  Fellow leader, Joshua Thompson said “As a student leader I would like to encourage more boys into the Arts at Sheldon College such as involvement in stage performances, dancing and music.  I’ve been over the moon since the announcement and it was fun being involved in the selection process and being acknowledged at Assembly.”

Middle College Leaders for 2018: L-R Mr Neil Sewell, Cooper Jones, Mrs Lisa Slender, Joshua Thompson, Jasdeep Renny, Max Hooper, Samuel Van Aken, Maia Steele-Alston, Hayden Rayner, Sophie Smith, Phoebe Hall, Olivia van Gool, Hannah Jenkinson, Lila Joubert, Georgia Tennant, Charlotte Chamberlain, Clare Monk, Paige Evans, Principal and CEO, Dr Lyn Bishop. Absent: Brandon Keel.