Thu, November 7, 2019

In recognition of Sheldon College’s progressive and innovative approaches to the day-to-day learning of students, the College has been recognised nationally as an Innovative School by the Educator Magazine. 

The Educator’s Innovative Schools Report is designed to profile the top 40 schools across the country that are achieving educational excellence and who are working to equip their students with the tools that will help them face a world vastly different from the one that we currently know.

This year at Sheldon College new ground has been broken in Australian teaching practices by creating a “Head of Memory and Cognition” position, to ensure that both staff and students (from Prep through to Year 12) are taught many key memorisation techniques. These skills enable learners to encode and recall information using vibrant and imaginative imagery, developing not only the user’s short-and-long-term memory skills, but also their capacity for expanding their working memory.  

Delivering this innovative program is former National Memory Champion, Russell Bauer, who uses his 26 years of school teaching experience to infuse specific memory techniques into various curricula, depending on the required outcomes. The College’s teachers are up-skilled in these advanced techniques at weekly Staff Meetings and are then able to employ a range of new cognitive approaches to help students revise and cement the information being learned. Because this is an Australian-first approach to cognition, all processes and outcomes are being recorded and analysed, so that quantifiable improvements over a two-year period can be determined.  

"It's been really exciting to see how colleagues have supported the creation of this new position, and how much fun students have been having with a wide variety of memory techniques. To now be selected by The Educator as one of their “Innovative Schools" suggests that the time is right for memory training in schools," stated Mr Russell Bauer, Head of Memory and Cognition at Sheldon College.  

Sheldon College continuously strives to be leaders in its field. The Academic staff uncompromisingly demonstrate one of the College’s core values of Continuous Improvement by designing and delivering world-class learning experiences for all students. The College can confidently say that its young people revel in the potential depth they get to explore throughout the countless number of innovative and strategically planned activities that are organised by quality educational professionals.  

While schools often attach the word “innovation” to the broader framework of “technology”, at Sheldon College we recognise that there is a continual need to review and trial new and innovative ways to deliver content and engage students in higher-order learning.  

Founder and Principal/CEO of Sheldon College, Dr Lyn Bishop OAM said, This award is testament to the quality of the outstanding professionals who daily provide a first-class educational experience for our students.” 

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